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Published: 23rd August 2009
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Headlight is generally known as the eye of vehicles. Car headlight is more prompt in car due to its features and functions. The designers are putting more effort on making headlight because now days it is becoming fashion. They are not only meant to see the road but have become an object through which we can see. . Halogen lights, xenon light and led light make the headlight bright there is a new type of lenses and reflectors, which allows the beam light to suit in any direction and in any shorts of weather condition. Metallic, chrome, black and colour housing of the headlight gives a new look to the car. There are so many designs of accessories in the market. The buyer chooses the best one that suits its car and the car look attractive. As there are so many collection in the market so it becomes difficult to choose so one should go for the latest designs.

Car headlights had to be in well condition to have safe drive and at higher speed. As during nights car runs at high speed and the light should be updated so that the driver don't get confused and take the decision properly. Even if the light is not in proper condition the other vehicles may come in front of you and it will become very difficult to manage. If the headlight is not in proper condition it will become very difficult to see the roads during nights. And if the headlight does not work properly it can even cause misshapenness. So headlight is very important for both safety and performance. Headlights are not only meant for night but also when there is foggy weather. Headlights come among the important parts of car and are located in front of the car. The company has made various kinds of headlight with different designs, materials, colours and the elements. Most common among them is halogen bulb, which has the high capacity to provide good lights. Pressurised gases are filled inside the halogen bulbs. Car beam can be adjusted from inside the car.

Day by day the new technology is coming and thus the improvement is seen in the car. Improvement in car engine means it can run much faster than the earlier one. Therefore the company is making the modern designs for modern driving. The beam direction can be changed at the flick of the switch. If it is not in good condition it should be replaced immediately. Sometimes the inner bulbs inside the headlamps are changed.
Car headlight booster has many features. Its input voltage is 10/15V. It generates 2times beam as that HIDpoduces. There is no need to change the bulb and other part. There is no need to change the car circuits. It protects the circuit and increases the life of the bulb. Now the technology has bought many changes. Earlier we use filament lamp but now we have vapour light, halogen light, xenon light, led light etc.designer has experimented to make better and brighter light.

Moreover car headlights, better material have also included in it. This only means that the headlights are upgraded regularly. It is not only for light but the up gradation is done all over. HID lights are used in car. It consumes less energy and ones it is installed it never need to be changed. It will last for lifetime and no need to change until it is damaged. One more advantage is that if the light of the car is left open for 1 hr also the battery discharges very less as it consumes less energy than regular one.

There are so many varieties that one can choose the colour that suits. To make innovation in the car one must keep in mind that headlights are meant for safety purpose. They are to meet the regulations concerned.

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