Car Lights

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Published: 23rd August 2009
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The main purpose of car light is to light the path during travel. If the light is not in proper condition it may lead to misshapen. There are different types of light used in the car.

Here we are going to discuss about the taillight. Taillights are the system of lighting the parts of the vehicle. It is fitted at the backside of the car. It is also called tail lamp. It is fixed at both side i.e. left and right. It shows different light at different functions. Generally the red light is emitted. When we stepped on brake the red light glows at the back of the car. This gives the other driver to slow off their car. Every vehicle has tail light no matter whatever is the size. Taillight is installed in every vehicle. One cannot imagine their vehicle without taillight. There is a euro taillight, which helps to see what is going on the road when the visibility is low. If it doesn't work properly it is needed to be checked or to be replaced. The color of euro light is of red and yellow color that gives your car a trendy look. Their installation is absolutely free and can be done by any mechanic. Euro tail light is designed in different colors.lenses are also transparent

The signals light are used in car. The light is automatic turn on when the driver puts reverse gear. The other part of taillight is park light. It is also used as brake light. When the driver applies the brake, all of a sudden the light is turned on. The park light shows the presence of other vehicles moving around. It is also used during foggy and rainy weather. The whole taillight is very important in the car. Without it the drivers cannot find the other vehicle moving on the road during night. It enhances visibility and helps the other driver to drive safely. As the red light glows at the back of the car it alerts the other driver so that it may not come and hit the car.

Tail lamp is made up of lens and frame, which is called tail lamp bezel, or frame. As they are placed on rear fender they are also called as rear lamp. The taillight covered with plastic covering is called tail light lens and it is of various shades. It gives the new look to the car and it also adds safety.

There are so many types of tail light one can prefer i.e. chrome tail lights, clear tail lights, carbon fiber tail lights, smoked or black tail lights. All these taillights use clear lenses and color tail light housing. LED taillight is the alternative to euro taillights. This is very brighter and lights up quickly.

There is certain advantage of taillights. It works as an indicator and indicates the other driver about brake, right and left turn. Taillight is basically a light, which shows brake light, indicator light, and reverse light, which has different functions. Taillights have different color its changes according to its functions. Turning indicator lights have yellow color and it shows whether the car is turning right or left. It helps to alert the vehicle coming from the back. Same lights are used as emergency lights when they apply brake.

Reverse light is also the part of taillight. Reverse lights are automatic and turns on when the driver apply reverse gear. These lights are full of brightness. The brake light is also the part of taillight. The color that emits out is of red color.the light is only emitted when the driver applies the brake. It is on the both edge of the car. It also acts as a signal for other drivers during nighttime. LED taillight has replaced stock taillight and it is not only used during night but is also used during daytime. These LED lights are very costly.

So car lights is very important parts of the car and one cannot think their car without light.

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