Importance of Bleach teeth

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Published: 26th August 2009
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Bleach teeth is very common nowadays in the field of dental science. As the person grows in age the mineral structure of the teeth changes making teeth darker. During the younger age the teeth is deciduous and is much whiter than the adult. Teeth become dark or pale yellow because of bacterial pigments, food stuff and tobacco. There are certain antibiotic medicines which teeth stain and makes the teeth enamel weaker.

We mainly bleach teeth to make it whiter, stronger and to make it germs free. We can bleach teeth by many methods such as natural bleaching, bleaching strips, bleaching gels, bleaching pen and laser bleaching. Use of bleaching gel is most common of all at home we use this quiet regularly. At home we can use normal strips to whiten our teeth. There are some oxidizing agents which tend to whiten our teeth by making it lighter in shade. In laser bleaching light energy use to do the process of bleaching. Bleaching effect lasts for many months and depends on the lifestyle of individuals. Factors which affects the teeth are many such smoking, drinking coffee, tea etc which makes teeth dull.

We can bleach teeth to get rid of internal staining which will discolour the teeth from inside. Internal bleaching is one of the way by which we can get rid of these staining problem. Tooth discoloration can be cured by the mask with the help of veneer. We should brush regularly to keep our teeth free from germs and the food particles which use to stuck in our teeth during the process of chewing.

We can bleach teeth with the help of gel bleaching. Gel bleaching can be done by two methods. One can be done with the help of high concentration and another with the help of low concentration agents. High concentration bleaching can be done easily at home or by visiting the dentist. At home we can use high concentration peroxide which is easily available online and is very cost effective. Teeth whitening can be done easily at home by applying high concentration of oxidizing agent to the teeth with the help of thin plastic tray for a short period of time and this produces good results. These trays will stay on the teeth for about 15 to 20 minutes. Trays are removed and this same process is repeated for two or more times.

We can bleach teeth with the help of low concentration whitening which is not so effective and is mostly used in home. It has low concentration of oxidizing agents which is kept next to teeth for several hours a day for a period of 5 to 14 days. Results may vary from person to person depending on which application he is using. In bleaching agents we have less than 10% of hydrogen peroxide which takes care of soft tissues around the teeth. Laser bleaching can be named power bleaching. In laser bleaching we uses light energy to accelerate the process of bleaching in the dental hospital. We use argon laser which is very safe and effective and ideal for laser bleaching.

We can bleach teeth but there are certain risks factors which may be taken into considerations while bleaching. Chemical burns may also happen. Chemical burns may happen due to the high concentration of oxidizing agent which gets in contact with soft delicate tissues. By home tooth bleaching we slightly reduce tooth enamel. The most common side effect is the rise in tooth sensitivity. Their will be mild irritation of the soft tissues of the mouth and they are gums. This problem of tooth sensitivity generally occurs during the early stage of bleaching treatment. These problems are temporary and gradually disappear within 2 to 3 days of complete treatment. One should always consult dentist for going for any bleaching procedure or using whitening agent.

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