Interior strobe light

Published: 06th October 2009
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Strobe light is also known as stroboscopic lamp. They are used to produce a high visibility or regular flashes of light. Though strobe light came in existence in the year 1930 but interior strobe light came to home and discotheques in 1960s. Initially, they were used to create regular flashes of light but later they were also used for producing high visibility lamps.

Interior strobe light basically works at low voltage as they are designed by the use of LED (Light Emitting Diode).LED are also very durable and works at low voltage to produce stroboscopic effect. The interior strobe light produces a high intensity flashes at regular interval of time.

Specifically interior Strobe light produces the effect at certain temperature range. Thus, Strobe light uses a thermostatic device in circuit with LED source light to maintain the diode at normal and functional range of temperature. Decades before Gas discharge strobe lights were used but as the technology progressed Interior LED strobe light came in to existence.

Interior LED strobe light finds its extensive use in mobile phones where the making phone light weight and power saver is demanding. LED strobe light fulfills this condition easily as they are small, consume less power and effective. This makes them quite handy to use. They are used in multiplexes and home for providing special effects for entertainment.

Interior strobes light are also used in alarm systems. Many small strobe lights are used in alarm systems to give flashing effect or visibility at night. Some of the strobes light are also used in security systems in combination with video camera. This provides night vision too. Strobe light has capability to provide ultraviolet rays which enhances the security system by providing the vision in complete dark condition. It is same like the vision of bat in night which tells about forthcoming obstacles. Different places use it for different purpose like theaters use it for additional effect and to increase lightening in the stage.

Interior strobe lights finds extensive use in the field of medicine and physiology. It is used to track down the movement of vocal cords during speech. This procedure in medical term is known as Vocal stroboscope. It helps in curing the speech ailments such as stammering etc. Interior strobe light is also used for providing high visibility in operation theater. Small interior LED strobes light are also used in endoscopy where illumination is needed through ultra violet LED.

As there are many advantages for Interior strobe light so are the disadvantages. We all know strobe light produces high intensity flash at regular interval. These flashes may trigger convulsion or fits if rate of flash is high. People who are sensitive to light radiation may get the harmful effect of strobe light. It may even lead to photosensitive epilepsy. During an episode shoot of a cartoon series, many children were sent to hospitals due to fits occurred due to high rate of flash per second. Several measures have been taken in order to protect from such issues. British Health and Executive society permits the use of 5 flashes per second.

Interior strobes lights may also lead to feeling of dizziness, nausea and hallucination. The convulsion may be so serious that it may entirely damage the nerves and may lead to paralytic attack.

Although it has many disadvantages but its advantages can't be ignored. Due to technological revolution Interior strobe light has become an extensive part in our day to day lives. Sometimes playing the music with flashing strobe light makes the enjoyment more joyful. If used carefully, more advantages will be discovered for Interior Strobes light in different fields.

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