Pedestal Strobes

Published: 06th October 2009
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Pedestal strobes are used for the lightning for the emergency purpose. They are usually found in the police vehicles for giving warning signal. Pedestal strobe works with a siren which produces a unique sound and pedestal strobe produces random flashes. Whenever you find a vehicle with unique flashing lights with a unique siren you should be aware of that vehicle because that belongs to the police persons. Might be they are looking for some information from you or some routine check so whenever such a vehicle approaches you should give respect to them and you should stop your vehicle.
Few types of pedestal strobes:
1.86608 Pedestal Strobe 8 LED: it is a pedestal strobe with 8 light LED strobe which produces 3 times per second. This pedestal strobe is good for small applications with tight space and need strobing effect for warning. This pedestal strobe is very long lasting and consumes very less power. This pedestal strobe takes no time in starting producing flashes. This pedestal strobe is not water proof so you need to take care of this always other they can be damaged with water. For installation of this strobe: need to mount onto surface, need a back deck or a wall using glue, tape. Hard wire to a 6 volt or 12 volt input power supply. This strobe has dimensions of 2" wide x 2 1/2" height.
2. Titan 8 LED Pedestal Strobe: this pedestal strobe is manufactured by ADS brand. This pedestal strobe is consists of 8 LED with 3 flash in 1 sec very good in use with small applications with tight space and need stroking effect for warning. They are very long lasting and consume very less power then the other strobes.
3. 5 Inch Pedestal LED Flashing Warning Lights: this pedestal strobe is manufactured by federal signal corporation. Weight of this pedestal strobe is 2LBS and they are available with amber color. They are made of larger surface area that means they give more output. It produces 72 quad flashes per minutes. Draws .26 amp's current. This pedestal strobe features a larger 5inch amber light and 12-24 VDC.
4. 4 Inch Self-Contained Pedestal Strobes: this pedestal strobe is a round stud mount strobe available in amber color and weight of it is 1.4lbs. It produces 70 quads flashes in one minute. NV12 draws 1amp and provide 11watts/9 joules of output. NVS21 draws 2amps and provides 13watts/18 joules of output. A reflector is also placed at the behind of the strobe which creates a wide range of light. This light is very simple to wire with no any extra power supply. You just need to connect the wires and ground it your pedestal strobe is ready to work.
5. Pedestal Mount LED Warning Light with 4" Round Amber Lens: this pedestal strobe is very costly and very high quality performance pedestal strobe system. a slip lens of this pedestal strobe helps in creating unique eye catching flash patterns. It draws just .5amp current. Change between 15 flash patterns. This pedestal light features clear lenses with 56 colored LEDs to provide intense light output. Rugged and durable, this light is easy to wire and you can simply connect power and ground wires, with 12 VDC power supply.

With this we can understand the importance and types of available pedestal strobe and there working and qualities. If you need an emergency pedestal strobe then u can select them as per your requirement and you only can install them very easily. Pedestal strobes has a very wide applications and uses, they are widely used in the emergency conditions for finding the attention of the people.

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