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Published: 23rd August 2009
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Xenon light is relatively new technology in lighting, providing to be brighter than most artificial lighting including halogen, and even more cost and energy efficient as well. . Xenon light produces five times more light than Halogen lights, and last even ten times longer. Halogen lights in automobile headlights have replaced it. It is preferred because the transition border between light and darkness of xenon light is more defined than halogen light and therefore there is much less light reflected from the head lights of a coming car using these bulbs and the glare does not disturb the driver, unless they look directly at the light. This may only occur because driver may not be accustomed yet to such bright, yet controlled headlights.

Xenon lights have some features. It provides colour temperature of 7000k but its difficult to find the bulb more than 50000k in the market. The xenon bulbs consumes same watt of electricity as stock bulbs. But they give brighter output. Post of the xenon light bulbs comes with 90 days guarantee. If you find xenon light defective send them back for replacement. Most of the bulbs will fit any vehicles on the road. The installation of xenon light is an easy job; it can be simply done as we do for light bulb.

Xenon lights bulb contains the noble gases i.e. xenon and does not have any filaments. It lights up an arc between two electrodes of tungsten metal. Xenon lights also have electronic starter and the ballast to starts up and maintain this arc and the resulting light. The ballast is important because it converts and manages the high energy that supplies energy to the bulb. Ballast also controls the flow of the energy. The tracking system inside the bulb regulates the energy level and automatically shuts off when the voltage fluctuates. This insures that bulb does not explore.
The light emitted by xenon bulb is cooler in colour temperature than an incandescent bulb, but is warmer than halogen bulb; the light emitted by the xenon bulb can be compared to the brightness of the noon sun. This is why bulbs are used for indoor gardens and green house.xeno0n lights are used for large areas that needed adequate lightening such as gyms and indoor basketball courts. Warehouses, parking lots and movie house. Xenon lights are used for homes not just to flood your garage with light but are used for garden and kitchen. Xenon light can also be used for desk lamps in studies, spot lighting for paintings, bookcases and to light up staircases and cabinets.
Xenon lights have certain disadvantages. They are very expensive than regular bulb .the halogen, incandescent, fluorescent match the durability at lesser cost. Always make sure that these bulbs contain high intensity discharge. In xenon lights the individual cells in a plasma display use a mixture of xenon and neon that is converted into plasma using electrodes. In xenon lights xenon is used as starter gas in high-pressure sodium lamps. Xenon light has lowest thermal conductivity and lowest ionization potential of all the non-radioactive noble gases. Xenon lights put out more light but generate less heat. Xenon lights are more efficient than halogen lights. Xenon lights give better distinction of objects. Xenon lights produce 5 times more light than halogen lights and lasts even 10 times longer than halogen lights. It reflects less light from the headlights and does not disturb the driver of oncoming car. Driver should not look at the xenon light directly. Head light should always be controlled. Xenon lights are better than halogen and fluorescent light. So one should make a good choice of Xenon Lights.

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